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Peter Black and the Mystery of Craven's Lake by Simon Halliday


'The Mystery of Craven's Lake' introduces us to Peter Black and his family. It's a work of crime/mystery fiction and is suitable for 9 year-olds and above.

Peter and his brother James become suspicious about the activities of their neighbour, Mr. Craven. As they begin to investigate they quickly find themselves immersed in a very unexpected crime drama. There are clues around Mr. Craven's lake, at their school summer fair and even in Mr. Craven's house - but getting locked up in rat-infested cellars and in secret storerooms of stolen goods is not James's idea of fun. Peter has a sharp enough mind, however, to make all the right connections and enlist the help of their school teachers as well. There are dreams, ghosts, magic, technology and mystery to assist the brothers - but will James's ridiculous sense of humour and comical rapport with Peter be a help or a hindrance to their case...?

Peter Black and the Deadly Letters by Simon Halliday

'Peter Black and the Deadly Letters' takes us into a totally different realm of crime. The Black brothers thought they were going to have a break from crime-solving but it seems there is something very unusual happening within their own school. The computer club was supposed to be a useful and friendly group but it appears that some dark forces are at work - and their younger brother Rowan is already mixed up with it. Following a trail of unexpected explosions and some very confused school friends, the brothers hope to learn exactly what is behind all the trouble...

Peter Black and the Mystery of the Hidden Castle 
by Simon Halliday

'The Mystery of the Hidden Castle' takes us to Cornwall, where Peter's family are hoping to enjoy a relaxing summer holiday. Even Peter hopes to have a good break from the combined pressures of school work and his crime-solving activities. Yet long before they arrive at their destination, some unsettling events are taking place. It seems that the very place they are heading for has been beset by crime, and from the moment the Black family arrive there they are greeted by some very unusual characters. Amidst some incredible myths and legends which have survived for hundreds of years, Peter and James, also Rowan and their little sister Lucy, are forced to admit that this is their most extraordinary and terrifying adventure yet...

Peter Black and the Travelling Circus
by Simon Halliday


'Peter Black and the Travelling Circus' is an incredible time-travel adventure for Peter and his (mostly) helpful brother James.  When the circus comes to town, Mrs. Black is delighted to think that her family will have the chance to enjoy some good old-fashioned entertainment for a change. Yet Peter has already got plenty of things on his mind, as he tinkers with various strange devices in his new workshop. Although James has a new girlfriend, he cannot help but get involved with Peter's new interest in time-travel. As they begin to meet some very colourful characters from the circus and some concerned local residents, it seems likely that Peter and James are in for a lot more than some light-hearted entertainment. The truth behind some very mysterious visitors, a lot of over-talkative birds and the riddle of the travelling circus looks set to be, as ever, far stranger than fiction...

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